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Karisa Kay Singing prophetess/author Hailing from a small town in IA. Karisa Kay began as a country singer songwriter strongly influenced by Gospel. Growing up she listened to Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynnete, Crystal Gayle, Dolly Pardon, and Reba McEntire Karisa Kay put out one country album before allowing her career to be totally led by the spirit in 2018.

She won studio time at Big Mama's recording studio in 1994 at the age of 16 and cut her first album in the summer of 1995. This started the drive in her to make the move to Nashville which she did in 1996 She spent a lot of time in various studios working on her own songs until 2000.

Karisa Kay Music

In 2001 she cut her second album "It’s understood" with KMA records that featured other writers' songs. Wanting her own sound that could only come from her songs she set out to start recording her own stuff again in 2007 in Old Hickory, TN. with Dana Jordan and her son Ben Jordan. In 2015 her whole life was changed by the healing and deliverance power of the Holy spirit, and she was led to go after it heart and soul and released her first album with the songs she wrote in October of 2016 through Tunecore distribution titled "Somebody to Love" it is available for digital purchase on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Available for streaming on Spotify, and Iheart radio as well under Karisa Kay radio.

Immediately after the release of "Somebody to Love" she started working on her Gospel album. "Secret weapon" Via modern day technology while she was out in CA. When she returned in January of 2017 her team had three songs composed and ready to be recorded it is a 14-track album written by her and produced and composed by Dana Jordan, instrumentals by Ben Jordan, Dana Jordan, and various guest musicians, and Mixed and Mastered by Mike Ingram of Blue Room Studios Madison, TN. (at the time now in Gainsboro TN)

In oct. of 2017 she was fortunate to meet Jimmy Adams of JAM (Jimmy Adams Media) Jimmy has a internet platform called itube247 that reaches millions of people in 192 countries! Jimmy and his staff videographer Christy Denbrock Have now done 5 videos for her. One on her title track song from her country album “Somebody to Love” one on a song from her Gospel album “secret weapon” titled “Make me a Diamond Lord” released by JAM in 2019 through tunecore distribution. The third video is a cover made famous by Tammy Wynette titled “Till I Can Make It on my Own” , as well as two lyric videos one on "too much blood in my alcohol system" from her 2016 album "Somebody to Love" which led by the spirit she incorporated John 4: 13-14 and added a recovery ministry hotline for set free ministry's to it! the last video she did was a remake of the cover "I can only imagine" that she was fortunate enough to have Leon Everrette cover with her!

Her albums "Somebody to Love" and Secret Weapon" can be found and played on all AMI Jukeboxes as well!  Currently the release for her third Album "Let the spirit reveal the beauty" is set to be released with Tunecore distribution in March of 2022. Christy Denbrock has recently Helped her get her first book "Make me a Diamond Lord the transformation" Published it is a account of her life and her testimony written by the spirit! It is now available through Global distribution on That is only the biggening! She does all that she does for one reason and one reason only GOD He gave her gifts, and he wanted her to use them to help others and Glorify HIM!! So that is what she wants to do. How far it goes and who she becomes is up to him. She lets him lead her and whatever comes of it will be exactly what he wants it to be. She no longer strives for what she wants, but what God has in store for her. Which is bound to be even better!!!

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